lunedì 13 settembre 2010

con questi brani è iniziato il Remember Cosmic

4 commenti:

  1. Incredibile, quanti ricordi. Grazie, Carlo

  2. a proposito di introduzioni... qualcuno conosce il titolo dell'intro usata nella c85 (1983) ? grazie

  3. So these were the two tracks Baldelli opened his set with for 'Remember Cosmic'...many thanks for posting them. The two Jean-Luc Ponty albums I have from the late seventies are Cosmic Messenger & Enigmatic Ocean and both are amazing but for some reason I have never come across 'Imaginary Voyage' till now!

    The Kowalski track is pretty amazing as well, if you took out the middle vocal part and merged the start and end you would find it hard to believe it was released in 1982!

    Many thanks for sharing, the tracks you post are always so interesting.