lunedì 3 maggio 2010

Tom Browne - Fungi Mama (Bebopafunkadiscolypso)(1981)

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  1. Ciao! Bello il nuovo look & grazie per la valanga di pezzi nuovi. Il link di Tom Browne è quello di Ednah Holt però..

  2. Grazie per i complimenti e per la segnalazione dell'errore.Tutto risolto!!!

  3. Wow! The Fungi Mama track is worthy of the title "awesome"! I am so astonished that in the last 29 years I have never come across the track, it has everything, killer funk groove, early electro/synth 'laser gun' stabs and the kind of African chorus that makes you weak at the knees....has that real "Soweto" feel to the chant, anyone know where its from?

    Great post, I can see this track being a welcome addition to my set list, many many thanks!